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annabelknapfans's Journal

Anna Belknap Fans
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Welcome to Anna Belknap Fans. This is a livejournal community dedicated to the terrific actress Anna Belknap that you may know from the CBS drama CSI:NY. Here, you can post fanfic, icons, discuss CSI:NY episodes, what Anna is upto now, and anything else you'd like.If you ever have any questions, please send domilie_fan a message.
Rule #1: No bashing of Anna Belknap. This community is for fans only.
Rule #2: No bashing of other members! Debating is encouraged, but please don't be cruel.
Rules #3: Please put icons, banners, fanfiction, etc. behind LJ cuts!
Rule #4: If something has a rating above R then please put it behind a LJ Cut and give a warning.
Rule #5: Fanfiction is fine to be posted, as long as it's behind a cut, marked with a rating, and you give what pairing and show it involves.
Rule #6: HAVE FUN!!!!
Interested in affiliating Anna Belknap Fans? Just leave a comment in a post and I'll get back to you!
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